Nick Freer

Founding Director

Nick Freer advised FTSE 100 and global corporates during ten years with London HQ-ed Maitland, before setting up his own consultancy and going on to advise some of the UK's most exciting SMEs, tech startups and scale-ups. Nick is also a founding director of corporate advisory firm Full Circle Partners and writes a weekly column in the business section of The Scotsman.


Angus Maitland


Angus Maitland founded Maitland, in its third decade as one of Europe’s leading communications consultancies and is co- chairman and CEO of The AMO Partnership, the world’s largest financial communications network.


Mike Welch OBE


Mike Welch is the founder of, sold to Michelin in 2015, one of the UK's most successful online retail entrepreneurs and the Founder Chairman of investment advisory firm Full Circle Partners.